Be yourself and forget about the result?

It is said that if you do your actions focusing on being really involved in the process and almost forget about the result, it is quite likely that you will feel better (maybe blissful) and things will run smoothly. Although you might have heard it in films, TV series etc., it is rather an oriental piece of advice. If you have tried that with your framed western thoughts you might have found how many traps seem to get in the way if you are only led only by that piece of advice. Very often you try to follow your intuition and forget about the rest and the people around. Sometimes it might work, especially if the activity is something like creating a piece of art, if no one asked for it, you can say take it or leave it. If it is something like leading a team, teaching or a work which requires repetitive tasks, then it is very likely that you get to a point of pivot or persevere (I am using here a lean thinking concept but in a simple way, change or continue with the same approach).

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